Jennifer Graley, Whittier

Six years of Camp Napa is not enough! I look forward to returning each year and to cook and eat my way through Hugh Carpenter’s culinary classes, and to see old friends from previous years. You won’t be sorry if you discover Camp Napa, and you will be back!

Lynn and Bruce Kaplan, Sun Valley

Having known Hugh and Teri for many years, we expected a wonderful week at Camp Napa. The week during the grape harvest and crush was a highlight film of great food, cooking classes, wine tasting and appreciation, superb hospitality by seven outstanding wineries, and good friendship. We recommend it for all foodies!

Sheila and Dan Breeding, San Jose

Hugh Carpenter is the ultimate host and teacher. He opens you to the heart of the Napa Valley and to food and wine in a way you will never forget. Likewise, the warmth of the Cakebread family as they hosted our lunches was an unforgettable experience. You will not want the week to end!

Pam and Mike Cincola, Long Beach

Camp Napa provided everything that was promised and so much more. Exclusive tours, friends, food and fun made magic memories of Napa Valley that we will treasure forever!

James and Lynn Prude, Dallas

If you want to spend a relaxing week in Napa Valley visiting spectacular properties, tasting fine wines and preparing terrific food while sharing the experiences with an entertaining cooking teacher and an enjoyable group of participants, then Camp Napa is a must!

Carol Zwicker, Napa

This was my third year attending Camp Napa. Hugh is such a terrific chef and makes the week so much fun with his wonderful cooking tips and his great sense of humor, that I’d be happy to return year after year.

Lori Sweningson, Bainbridge Island

Amazingly, Hugh has been able to turn a “kitchen illiterate” into someone who actually enjoys giving a dinner party! He’s patient, never makes me feel like a fool, is entertaining, and very educational. Attending Hugh Carpenter’s camp has quickly become a must do for me each year!

Donna Diggons, Houston

I’ve cooked “meat and potatoes” all my life but had never taken a cooking class until my husband signed me up for a birthday gift. I was worried that I’d be in the company of a snob-chef who would quickly figure out I couldn’t slice an onion according to code. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and I’ve never had more fun in any one week in my life. Hugh is laid-back and entertaining, and I learned so much from him in a relaxed atmosphere with a terrific group of classmates.

Brad and Vicki Billington, Bellevue

Camp Napa Culinary is the ultimate one week vacation experience. Hugh Carpenter’s uncanny ability to combine cooking classes, tasking attendees according to their abilities, scheduling visits to usually “off limits” wineries for sit-down luncheons and tours, and special surprise activities all culminating in a graduation evening has made each of our three visits more rewarding and memorable. Thanks Hugh!

Madeline and Don Heimark, La Habra Heights

Forget the wine train! The real inside track to California wine country is Hugh Carpenter’s Camp Napa Culinary. This terrific week of food and wine has become an annual event for our family. There is simply no better way to experience the ambiance of Napa Valley than with Hugh, Teri, and their many friends in the valley. We’re going to return for our eighth year!

Phil Skutt, Portland

You want me to go where? To a 61-year-old male whose best efforts in the kitchen were actually on the backyard barbecue with very questionable results, going to cooking school seemed mega out of place! Well it wasn’t. My wife and I, along with six of our friends, had a ball!