Sixteen in All, with a New Cookbook Just Published!

cookbooks16Hugh Carpenter’s cookbooks feature many beautiful full-color food photographs taken by his wife, Teri Sandison, with each recipe placed on dishes made by America’s top glass and ceramic artists. Visually stunning and creative, Hugh’s recipes are innovative but sensible, with unusual but complementary combinations of flavors and textures.

Hugh teaches many of his recipes in his Camp Napa Culinary and San Miguel vacation cooking classes and in cooking classes across the country. His acclaimed culinary vacation packages offer the novice and expert cook alike a terrific way to become familiar with his cooking techniques and fabulous recipes. Enjoy his cookbooks, then come and enjoy the camaraderie and easy learning atmosphere of his cooking classes in California’s exquisite wine country landscape or the lovely, historical San Miguel, Mexico.

Hugh’s books can be ordered from any bookstore or purchased online at Ten Speed Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Mexican Flavors—Contemporary Recipes from Camp San Miguel


bookHotVeggiesHot Vegetables



Pacific Flavors


bookFastAppetizersFast Appetizers





fast-fishFast Fish


bookFusionFoodFusion Food Cookbook


bookFastEntreesFast Entrées


bookHotWokHot Wok


bookWokFastWok Fast


bookHotChickenHot Chicken


bookQuickCookingQuick Cooking with Pacific Flavors


bookHotPastaHot Pasta


bookGreatRibsThe Great Ribs Book


bookHotBBQHot Barbeque


bookGreatWingsThe Great Wings Book